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We started Pine Country Cleaning in 2001 with the premise of helping others, I was raised with a mom who cleaned the house every day, clean before company and then clean right after they leave.  I absolutely love to clean and organize I cleaned by myself for 12 years,  it was  phenomenal  helping ease the worry and anxiety of the clients I served,  the one’s who could not physically do it or the ones who  understood the importance of a clean home, that the house “does” fall apart if not kept up on , I love the finished product and the look of relief on my clients face when they come home to a clean and tidy home. You can see them let there shoulders down.. to me that is satisfaction. Our clients know they can trust us to do a good job or we will come back and make it right, who does that these days??!!! Communication is awesome and smooth, cleaning is excellent, scheduling is easy, and we have been around for a very long time,  all of our employees are held to a high standard and they  care about each individual home they clean and the folks they are cleaning for. 

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